Before You Begin

Design your work and work your design is one of our mottos. Decide on what specific design you want (consult an architect or engineer if desired) and set your budget.

Go to supply houses and/or look through some design magazines to get ideas on what you want and the quality of the materials that you desire.

Describe the job, in detail, on paper or draw up a floor plan and select a contractor that works within your plan and your pre-determined budget. Be sure that all bidders receive the same information and plans so that the quotes are accurate to the job you are specifying.

Before You Hire

Interview at least three contractors and request written estimates.

Check with the Board of Building Regulations and Standards, 617-727-3200, to make sure the contractor is registered with the state. Most residential contractors are required to be registered (a contractor that is not registered may be hard to find if something goes wrong and you will not be entitled to compensation from the state – Bates Remodeling is a fully licensed and insured General Contracting firm that is also registered with the state of Massachusetts to do home improvements.)

Check the contractor’s references. Contact other homeowners that are referenced to see how well the job went, was the job within budget and finished within a reasonable amount of time.

Do some homework. How long has the contractor been in business, can they handle the work you require and the quality that you deserve?
Before you sign a contract

Always request a detailed written contract, even for small projects. State law requires all contracts over $1,000.00 to be in writing.

Be sure the contract contains:

  • Total cost of the work
  • Payment schedule (no more than one third deposit unless special order materials are needed)
  • A provision for changes or "extras"
  • A detailed list of specifications and materials
  • Start and completion dates
  • Copy of contractors insurance (mailed or faxed from insurance company only)

Remember, the lowest price is not always the best value. We hope that once you have taken into account the above mentioned items you will choose Bates Remodeling as your home improvement contractor.